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Delivery is paramount, which is why we use established and experienced TV and web broadcasters that can sell your business as if it were their own.

Promotions are only half the job. What the voices say is just as important, which is why you can rely on our professional scriptwriters too.


We will always go the extra mile to understand and market your business by talking with you and researching your company demographics and the data of your industry. We specialize in producing high quality, persuasive, promo orientated scripts that will sell your company, product or services.

With a combination of superb presentation and an excellent script, we can produce promo audio with incredible quality. With the aim of selling your content with a succinct, compelling and accomplished message aimed at your target audience.


Promotion audio can help you provide valuable content that will attract more people to your website, it works particularly well in conjunction with vlogs, social media and YouTube promotional video.

5 Hour Energy
Under Armour
Radio Commercials - SDCG
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Honda Promo - SDCG
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A Taste of Past Work
Save A
Gable & Company video commercial by
Gable & Co
Sister Act Live
5 Hour Energy 2018 MLB Allstar
5 Hour Energy

Whatever your marketing needs, SDCG™ has a solution. We're a small but imaginative agency! Get in touch today to find out how we can make you look and sound amazing.

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