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Streamline your voice and data services onto a single network, giving your business both operational and cost efficiencies - today!
SDCG provides a full range of VoIP phones to suit every task and budget. If you are looking for a cloud-based VoIP phone, whether it be for an office, telecommuting employees, or for our award winning calling features, we've got you. We provide phones from major manufacturers including Cisco, Polycom and Yealink, just to mention a few. We proudly service and support America's most loved and awarded VOIP Phone Company's for all our customers telecommunication needs!

Utilizing telecom cloud technology (a/k/a VoIP) allows you; and all your  company's people, a  telecom solution that's customizable to your business specifically and is always flexible to bend or grow as your needs do to.


Our company VOIP team will work with you to choose from over 50 calling features to provide the very best solution for your business.


You can be connected anywhere you are, & all of your devices will be instantly interacting with a custom designed interactive phone number - making your business, Truly 100% productive. Oh, yeah and it's up and running with out fail -  24/7/365 - it's kinda magic.... almost!


Whether you're in the office, playing hooky on Wednesday, cold calling new accounts or schlepping in and out of appointments, you'll never miss a beat or THE call!

Telephone for business matters a lot. We can help.

Ideal for small and medium sized businesses who want to upgrade from legacy phone systems. With feature updates at a click of a button.

Easily converge fixed landline and mobile technology. Ideal for companies who provide flexible and remote working to employees.

All the latest software, automatic updates and no hardware to maintain.

With flexible call packages to suit any type of business.

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There are many advantages to VoIP phone systems & service that it seems crazy not to consider them, when looking to upgrade or for new business service.

Unify all communications with feature-rich, scalable and affordable service and systems that meet all your telecommunication needs. We customize our solutions to incorporate essential communication needs, that streamline business communications such as implementing audio messages like auto attendant greetings, on hold marketing messages and after hour solutions, but also have the ability for voicemail, mobile app calling and even inter-office extension & intercom abilities.
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