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Music for Business, Brands & Occasions

Our broad range of clients, and how we’ve found suitable music for all of them, is evidence of our extensive, varied library and our skill in finding the right match.


We’re prepared for any request. This is how we know we have tracks suitable for all kinds of businesses and we also have music for special and festive occasions such as Halloween and Christmas.

Having the right type of music can do wonders for your business.

How Can On-Hold Music Benefit My Business?

Don’t leave your callers with silence as this greatly increases the

chance of them hanging up and never calling back. Music can be

used to set the mood and present yourself in a specific manner.


The right piece of music could be considered to be an extension of both your business’ branding and character. That's why here at SDCG, we use music that is different from generic tracks you tend to find elsewhere, such as the typical elevator style music you so often hear.

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A Taste of Past Work
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Gable & Company video commercial by
Gable & Co
Sister Act Live
5 Hour Energy 2018 MLB Allstar
5 Hour Energy

Whatever your marketing needs, SDCG™ has a solution. We're a small but imaginative agency! Get in touch today to find out how we can make you look and sound amazing.

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